Chris Simmons created HUMAN CHESS after a long and distinguished career with the US Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. A badge-carrying Special Agent and student of human nature, he learned how to combine behavior analysis, body language, psychology, and statement profiling to understand, predict and shape the actions of others.
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Chris Simmons

Is an internationally renowned authority on espionage issues, especially Cuba’s world-class intelligence services. An Army paratrooper turned master spy-catcher and terrorist hunter, he is:
  • One of America’s most successful spy-catchers, having destroyed or crippled the careers of over 80 spies, including Ana Belen Montes, Dr. Alberto Coll, and 14 Cuban spies serving under diplomatic cover.
  • A highly decorated four-time war veteran (Grenada, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan), his interrogation operations were so feared by Al Qaeda that his interviewing center earned the nicknames, “The Cemetery” and “The Devil’s Den.”
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Human Chess

Create A “Go To Hell” Plan to Help Survive Your Next Crisis

By Chris Simmons From my earliest days in the military, I was taught to always have a plan. It made sense. After all, if something is worth the investment of your precious resources (i.e., time, talents, and treasures), it merits a well thought-out roadmap to success. But it didn’t stop there. “Your adversary has a […]

Cuba Confidential

Recibe Vicecanciller ruso a Directora General de EE.UU. del MINREX

RUSIA, 16 de octubre. El vicecanciller ruso Serguei Riabkov recibió en la sede del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de este país, a Josefina Vidal, Directora General de la Dirección de Estados Unidos del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba. El encuentro se desarrolló en un clima de cordialidad y en el marco de las excelentes […]